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Christian the Lion

One of the first lions on Roar's movie set

Christian the Lion was adopted in 1969 in London and went to Africa in 1971. It was 1971 when the Marshall family first started their relationship with lions. At first, they were planning on using studio lions to make a movie. It then turned into an attraction to the lions, tigers, elephants and many other animals that still exists today. One of the first lions was also called Christian the lion, not to be mistaken with the famous Christian the Lion who people refer to these days.

After the filming of the movie ROAR, Tippi Hedren changed the location of the film into a preserve and sanctuary for the animals. She still continues this today through the Shambala Preserve. Christian changed the lives of his “adopted” parents, but Tippi’s life was taken over by her love and devotion to the big cats!

Our "Christian the lion" has long passed away, but he still persists in our memory as one of the first lions on the movie set for Roar!