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I just watched the movie, ROAR. I am just awestruck. It just brings me to wonder how much risk was involved while making the film. For the viewer entertainment, the efforts & sacrifices put forth by both Cast & Crew was incredibly challenging and those efforts are recognized & very much appreciated. Thanx for giving us this movie.

Christina H. (Idaho)


There are few movies that you see that can captivate your mind and emotions like Roar. It is one of my all time favourite movies and like many others have told my children about. Anyone who has a love for seeing large cats in a natural setting must see this movie. The use of humour and suspense go a long way to making this a movie you will want to see more than once.

Stuart (New York)


I saw ROAR when I was a little child. It opened a new path in my life which I follow to this day. I am a veterinarian, marine biologist and animal rights activist and after 7 years in practice I can recommend four movies which are, in my opinion, high above anything else. Roar - Big Blue (original French version) - Gods Must Be Crazy 1 - Gods Must Be Crazy 2. Roar is a movie every child and every adult should see. At least once. This would make the Earth much better place. Thank you.

Melissa (Oregon)


I have just received my dvd and I am delighted. I have not seen this movie for many years and I am still thrilled by it. I love it and will treasure it. I feel so envious, it must have been such an experience to work with the big cats. I have always been a cat lover, (big & small) and watching this movie again just strenghtens my love for cats of all kinds.

Suzanna W. (San Diego)


Dear John, 

I was amazed at how fast the movie arrived! I have never seen "Roar" before and I absolutly love it!! I have been looking for big cat related movies for over 5 years, because I love big cats with all of my heart. This movie is definatly the best and is near the same catagory with my other favorite movies: Born Free and Living Free. I loved all of the cats in the movie! Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this film!

Melvin T. ( San Francisco)


I have now turned 36yrs of age and have told my children about the movie Roar for the longest time. Yesterday we sat down to watch it as a family for the first time. What a fantastic movie it is. I told my children I saw it at the cinema 20 years ago and I have been looking out for it in stores ever since to have a copy of my own. Which I now have via the internet. Everyone watched with amazement at the antics of the family and especially the fantastic lions,tigers etc. I have enjoyed this movie all over again and I think it's better when the family can now experience it for the first time themselves. Thank you for enlightening our lives with this wonderful movie.

The Thorp Family (Chicago)


This is the best 'animal film' I have ever seen... my Mother and I watched it about 20 times when it came out first on tape - must have been 15 years ago... we laughed so much we cried. More power to people like Tippi! ROAR forever!!!

Stephanie ( Chicago)


I first saw ROAR! when I was about 6. I then had to wait until I was 18 to find a VHS copy for sale. This has to truly be my favourite film of all time, and the song at the end always brings a tear to my eye. I introduced it to my wife and two children, who also love it. There is barely a week that goes by without one of us putting in the cassette to watch it again.

Paul G. (Los Angeles)


I just got the DVD today, 1 day after I ordered it. I am so happy I can not tell you. WOW. This is my number 1 movie of all time. I have grown up with this movie. (I am 22.) This movie is the reason I love cats. Everyone that I speak to about movies I tell them about it. It is great to see it on DVD. This is going to be the number 1 gift that I shall be giving to people. Got to run... time to watch!!! Thanks and Love.

Venessa S. (Oregon)


ROAR is the best. Sometimes I wish I were Tippi Hedren, not for the fame, but for the cats. Shambala reflects her involvement, and the reflection of a true star. Living in dairyland Wisconsin (sadly we can't have "Shambalas" with lions, or tigers here, so I usually exit to zoos to see my share), its one of my dreams to hear the roars of those 110 cats at Shambala someday. Great work Tippi... you are a true star.

Sanjay D. (India)


Dear John

Thank you for responding to my e-mail so soon. I first saw the movie when it came out in Italy 21 years ago, and I've been trying to get hold of it ever since. Yes I remember you in the movie being chewed up a couple of times. When I receive my DVD in the mail, I''ll be eternally grateful.

Yours sincerely,



Firstly I would like to say a big THANKYOU to you for sending the DVD so quickly. When I was a child I was taken to see Roar at a cinema in London. It was such an incredible experience watching the interactions between people and these beautiful animals that I have never forgotten this film. Desperately wanting a copy of my own, it has taken me 20 years to track it down and now I am thrilled to say I have my own copy! The added bonus was opening the package to discover a fantastic photograph with John and the four lions! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!

Best Wishes Abi

(Northampton - UK)


I saw ROAR the movie for the first time in India in 1989 as a 7 year old kid and last night I was just remembering all the animal related movies that I had seen in my childhood and loved such as Born Free, Living Free, Ghosts & The Darkness, To Walk with Lions and Born Wild. Then I remembered ROAR. Without hesitation I bought the DVD.

Thanks and take care,


Behramjee (Toronto - Canada)

Hello John,

I’ve had a wonderful day – the DVD arrived this morning and I’ve had a fantastic time watching the movie, your interview and exploring the other features on the DVD.

I appreciate the trouble you have taken to provide the poster and photo as well as the movie itself. Thank you doesn’t seem to say it, but please know I am very grateful for getting this package all the way over here. Take care of yourself.

Kindest regards,

Gillian R.